Ok, I have been insulted and called a liar..and guess what? It came from someone who only pays $28 a month for their Health Insurance, because of the so-called “affordable health care act”. When I said that I am unable to afford the $300 a month premium that was quoted to me, but the government was willing to subsidize my $300 premium with a FIVE DOLLAR subsidy..he said he didn’t believe me..when I said, please enjoy your health care, that I am paying for, because I am paying a tax because I cannot afford the mandated health care..he said I was not paying for his $28 a month Health care..oh yes I am, Mister..Oh yes I am.

I don’t resent his government subsidized Health care..except that I receive no benefit from the tax I am forced to pay..none. nada. zilch..unless healthy Americans who call me a liar is some sort of benefit.

You tell me.